Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SACAPEX Stamp Show 2015

I've enjoyed collecting stamps for many years and it all began with my dad, Preston Pope. I would join him off and on going to stamp club in San Francisco  on Friday nights. Slowly through the years I gained an appreciation for collecting stamps and all that's involved in the hobby.
SACAPEX  (SACramento Philatelic Exhibition) is Sacramento's local stamp show held in November each year. The exhibition is located at the Scottish Rite Center by Sacramento State University. 
This was my second year serving as exhibit chair and we had a great show with over 60 exhibits. Uncle Warren,  Liz,  Edith and Ana and Isaac all came and visited the show. 
My Irish exhibit "First Permanent Definitive Series in Ireland: 1922-1939"
Fellow exhibitor giving a talk at the frames
Looking over various philatelic material to add to my collection

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