Saturday, May 7, 2016

Coloma California

One of Isaac's favorite local destination spots! Summer 2015

John, isaac, Keith, Robert,  Virgilio,  Frankie,  Tom 

California Mexico Cruise

What a great time Isaac and I had with some amazing friends traveling down the California coast to Mexico. We departed out of the Embarcadero in San Francisco and under the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.   Our day long stops included Santa Barbara,  Long Beach, San Diego  and Ensenada, Mexico. Great weather and great fun!
Virgillio, Carol, Janice, Frankie, Isaac, Tom, Rob
Isaac with his beautiful girlfriends!
Santa Barbara Home

Shopping in Ensenada Mexico
Mission Santa Barabara
Our Cruise Ship @ San Diego
San Diego
Tom & John - 2 wild and crazzzzy guys!
What happens on the ship stays on the ship
The Queen Mary - not me, the ship!
San Francisco Embarcadero and San Francisco Bay Bridge
Port of Long Beach Sunset
San Diego Arboretum Orchids
Late Night Movie Night on the Open Deck
Love this group!


This was my sixth year volunteering with WESTPEX and it was absolutely another great year! 
This year my neice Ana exhibited her "COLOR VARITIES OF THE MONARCHY OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II. " she won a silver medal and won best youth!
I neded to be away from the show for a day this year as I had to head back to sacramento the principal interview for Keema high school.
Josh and I met up for breakfast on Sunday morning and had a good time catching up.  And of course I was able to spend some quality time with Tara and Johnny throughout the show.   Tara pice up a few pieces of US revenue material to add to her philatelic / ephemera collection.
At WESTPEX we had a nice meeting with the Eire Philatelic Society and very interesting time with the Revenue society.
I was lucky enough to pick up some great Irish diamond covers to add to my collection and hopefully begin working on an exhibit soon!