Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas with Tracie & Mike

Enjoying a nice time with great friends!
Great friends and a great day! 
And more of the same good stuff!

Walk For Literacy 2015

This is and was our 2nd annual fund raiser in Sacramento for Literacy!  We did the 5k "Walk For Literacy " starting in Oak Park and ending downtown Sacramento at Cesar Chavez Park. 2015

Bodega Bay

Fabulous Trip!
Isaac & Robert
Keyth and Virgillio
Bodega Bay
John & Tom
Frankie & Robert
Frankie and Keyth

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SACAPEX Stamp Show 2015

I've enjoyed collecting stamps for many years and it all began with my dad, Preston Pope. I would join him off and on going to stamp club in San Francisco  on Friday nights. Slowly through the years I gained an appreciation for collecting stamps and all that's involved in the hobby.
SACAPEX  (SACramento Philatelic Exhibition) is Sacramento's local stamp show held in November each year. The exhibition is located at the Scottish Rite Center by Sacramento State University. 
This was my second year serving as exhibit chair and we had a great show with over 60 exhibits. Uncle Warren,  Liz,  Edith and Ana and Isaac all came and visited the show. 
My Irish exhibit "First Permanent Definitive Series in Ireland: 1922-1939"
Fellow exhibitor giving a talk at the frames
Looking over various philatelic material to add to my collection

"217" A Magical Number For Me

Since my parents passed away in 1993 (dad) and 1996 (mom) and then more so when my brother passed in 2011,  I regularly see the number "217."  217 Southcliff is the home that my parents bought when they were married in 1954 just south of San Francisco. It was a newly built home and wasn't even completely built when purchased. It is the home we all grew up in until my mother passed away.  "217" pops up everywhere on a continual basis.  It is my family's way of staying in touch with me and always a nice and positive feeling follows.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Our new family member : "Yanca "

Adoption of a new pet is always exciting! Especially when it's the perfect pet and the perfect addition to the family.  Last week we spent some time at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter and found our Yanca. She's a spayed 10 month old Anatolian Shepard and super sweet.  After about an hour or so of getting aquainted we decided to make her part of our family and bring her home. 12/21/15
A Love Connection!
Waiting to go home with Isaac & Robert
Tennis Anyone?
New Friendships - Yanca & Setia

Star Wars with Isaac & Company

December 2015
Star Wars : The Force Awakens was even better seeing it the second time around (or is it my third time?).  Our friends Kris and Christy talked higley about seeing it together at the dinner theatre in Rocklin California. And so the four of us did. What a great and totally different experience seeing a movie in the dinner theater environment.  Walking in, one feels like they are an upscale restaurant complete with a full bar. One can relax and have a drink before the show (we had margaritas) then work your way to the theater near show time. The theater chairs have built in tables and waiters come by to take your order. No distractions and a great venue!  We're sold on the movie dining experience. 

Santa Bingo

We had another great year during our 7th annual Santa Bingo at Joan and Bill's.  Joan has devised a great adaptation of BINGO to SANTA and of course everyone's hooked and everyone plays and each year the party grows. 
It's really nice having a traditional Christmas Party to look forward to each year and this is definitely one of them!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Popp Family at Keema High School

I came in late today as it was a minimum day and I got home from the Star Wars premier at 2:30 in the morning.   When I arrived at Keema I saw uncle Warren over at Roger's desk.  He was with a student and the student was not a student but my cousin Matt!   It was so great to see him and we chatted for some time.  Of course Star Wars was a big part of our conversation along with his life as an ER nurse and living in Boise, Idaho. 

"Star Wars : The Force Awakens"

We had such a great time! What a movie!  I was there at 3 pm to get in line but since no one was in line yet I went and picked up a few things at Walgreens. I made it first in line at 4 PM for the 11PM show.   
Gwen joined me at 6:00 O'clock and so the fun began! She was well supplied with panda, coffee, cream, sugar,  dessert and more. We were super excited,  had tons to chat about and meet cool great people in line.
The film was spectacular,  mind blowing great, true to the originals, and surpassed any if my expectations.   Looking forward to seeing it a few more times!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

PENPEX Stamp Show 2015

December celebrated another year at the PENPEX (Peninsula Philatelic Exhibition ) Stamp Show in Redwood City, California.   This year I exhibited ireland; The First Permanent Definitive Series Used In Ireland - 1922-39. Tara and John Robert joined me Sunday afternoon! I placed with a silver and received a lot of great information to improve my exhibit.

Tara and I attended the awards banquet Saturday  evening at Harry's Haf Brau on El Camino Real. I grabbed the opportunity to get a quick picture with Kristin the PENPEX show chair person and a good friend! 

Sunday morning I spent time with Johnny putting together a Star Wars puzzle. Just like his uncle, he loves Star Wars! 
Four generations of Philatelists!
Star Wars is so cool!

I Laughed So Much

I had several great dreams last night from taking Jim (and Marilyn? ) to the airport with Isaac to being in the newspaper  with Isaac and Ana for a stamp show, Mr McNamara then thinking it would be Star Wars about me in the paper,  to being so tired I went to the hospital to sleep but then I couldn't leave for hours because they gave me a sleeping pill so I had to figure a secret way out!  So funny!  I laughed so much! When I woke up, Isaac told me I had been laughing for a while in my sleep.

Ernesto's Christmas Party

So I'm at Isaac's work party. Great to see everyone and a really special event. Awkward with introductions but I work through the crowd until I spot our table and secure my delicious cup of coffee! But I'm really not   understanding what everyone jokes about. But I have Ana as my wing man.Telling me all the gossip, food was good and much more. Ana told me new hipster trends that some of the young employees were wearing. The young folks these day. She informed me Loud personality OK. Loud talking not so OK. Great having Ana with us this year!